Why I am not Proust

I dreamed a lot and asked myself as a Blogger who struggles to make a name for himself if, nowadays with our “wonderful” modern times the magnificent Proust, or Zola or Maupassant would have had many readers for their blog….

And would they have written one by the way?

Do you imagine Zola back in our so vulgar times? And let’s not talk about the so refined Marcel Proust who just by seeing the way people dress today would have had a heart attack in the worst case, and in the best case would have made the decision not to go out of his home never again.

And our dear Maupassant, what he would have thought of today relations between men and women and the end of gallantry?

Besides, for the young people who read me, they must wonder what I’m talking about.

For them Zola is the name of a high school, and Proust they do not know him anymore. Maybe they think he’s a football player …

I am humorous but I hardly exaggerate when we see that today books are less and less read.

For those looking for escape, I recommend these books so old but so timeless. Because in the end the human has not changed and will never change.

He is always looking for happiness, social success, money, fame or love, and these authors have already analyzed everything.

And nothing has changed in humans, even if the scenery and costumes and technology have changed, the human remains the same.

Thank you for reading me and do not forget to read a classic book. It will distract you more than a distant journey and will teach you more about humans than a TV show….

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Dan Assuied

Why I am not Proust

Posted in: Motivation

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