Why drawing is good for you

Here are 7 good reasons to start drawing now, and if after reading this article you still do not feel like it then I have failed.

I have drawn many drawings, even before blogging, I have been drawing for years, since I was in high school and I still continue today.

Let me tell you why drawing is good for you!

1- Drawing allows you to escape from reality.

Nowadays, most jobs offered on the job market are extremely boring, not fulfilling. No satisfaction, the routine. Dull, boredom, emptiness. Drawing helps to escape from this horrible life, hated colleagues, exploiting and stupid boss, customers not only demanding but also stingy.

2-Drawing is creating and it feels good

Who creates something today? Does a car salesman create something? A bus driver builds something? In our modern western societies only a few people are lucky enough to create. To see a concrete result of their efforts. Drawing allows you to create.

3- Drawing brings personal satisfaction.

Fighting against a piece of white paper and turning it into a piece of art is absolutely enjoyable. It’s magic!

4- Drawing brings joy and eliminates sadness

Drawing allows you to put your black ideas aside, to escape from everyday life and to chase away your sadness. After a good drawing session everything is quieter, the world around you seems more beautiful.

5- Drawing makes you different from others

When you are drawing you are create beauty or you trying. You are no longer like the others, it makes you unique. The others are in Mc Donald’s eating hamburgers, or are in front of the television and don’t even know if they are watching something or not. Not to mention all the slaves of the despicable Facebook in front of their screens who are busy giving likes to photos of meals. You are different from the flock. And it’s good!

6- Drawing allows to sell your art

If you are good you can even sell your drawings. And if you are very bad you can even sell your art for a very expensive price if you are lucky.

7- Drawing makes it possible to shine in society

When you tell someone that you are drawing it is not only a topic of conversation but also makes you a little special for the person in front of you. You will see in his eyes a difference in his way of looking at you.

Now that you have finished my article, you know what you have to do.

Anyone can learn to draw here is a book you can buy to learn the basics.

Take a sheet of paper and a pencil and draw!
And if thanks to this article a little Picasso is born, then I’m happy.

Dan Assuied

Why I draw, this is one of my drawings.

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