Krav maga Israeli martial art

Krav Maga is a modern martial art, a system of defense and close combat developed for the Israeli army and the security forces of Israel.

Krav maga is not a sport but a realistic fighting art that is also practiced in shoes and normal attire to get closer to reality.

Since when do we fight barefoot these days? What was true in Japan 200 years ago is not true today!!! Although I admire the ancient Samurais today we don’t walk with a sword anymore.

The genius of this Krav Maga combat system is its simplicity. That’s why I chose on my blog to write about it.

I have a 10-year experience of Krav Maga, and unlike many journalists who write about Krav Maga, I know what I’m talking about.

The origins of Krav Maga

Thee Krav Maga was born thanks to Imi Lichtenfeld. Champion of wrestling and boxing, he invented it in the 30s in Czechoslovakia during the street fights between Jews and neo-Nazis.

He was inspired by the best techniques of boxing, wrestling, karate, aikido, judo and close combat and took the most efficient techniques from each martial art. Thus was born Krav Maga.

Krav Maga efficiency above all else.

Israel is at war since its creation. A tiny State surrounded by many enemies, it had to choose a martial art quick and easy to learn martial art for its soldiers, police force and civilians.

That’s the reason why Krav Maga was adopted. Choosing only what is effective and realistic in real fighting, what is not necessary was eliminated.

Krav Maga is easily assimilated, a soldier can learn in a few days sufficient techniques to save his life and attack the enemy.

Krav Maga techniques can help survive a knife or baton attack, and the techniques are effective immediately.

Unlike Japanese or Chinese martial arts that require years of training before being usable, Krav Maga is effective after only a few lessons.

Soldiers do not have time to learn karate 4 or 5 years, they must be able to defend themselves quickly.

Krav Maga focuses on aggression, going straight to the enemy’s vulnerable points and quickly ending the fight.

The goal of Imi Lichtenfeld when he created Krav Maga was largely achieved.

Krav Maga international success

Nowadays Krav Maga is taught in Western Europe and in the US because of its high efficiency and simplicity.

Many lives were saved thanks to this martial art in Israel and its efficiency has made it famous all over the world.

In France Krav Maga is so appreciated that the French GIGN has adopted it, as well as the Foreign Legion.

In the USA American parachutists and many other units learn it, the FBI too and many police units.

There are also books and DVD‘s to learn Krav Maga, although it is better to learn with a qualified teacher it is useful to learn the basis.

If you really want to learn to defend yourself quickly while putting yourself in good physical shape, Krav Maga is for you.

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Dan Assuied

For self defense you can also add that efficient tool.

That’s me Dan Assuied your writer during a krav maga training

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