How I became more muscled in 3 weeks

How did I become more muscular with no gym and in as little time as 3 weeks?
That is the big question and I found the answer for you.

No I am not going to sell you a book explaining you the big “secret” in 900 pages for 39.00$.

Here on my blog “fier et libre” you will have that “secret” for free, just read my article.

In my training in the Israeli army, and later as a security guard for Israeli court, pull ups were important to check our physical strength and shape.

The ability to do pull ups is a fast way to be in shape and to look good.

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This is the dream of many, to become more muscled quickly and with no gym fees to pay! And no trips by car to the gym also! Think of all the time gained.

Yes it is possible to get a significant gain in muscle mass at home and without equipment.

I tried this method and it works!

And only in 3 weeks.

Without steroids, without chemical products and almost without equipment except for a simple pull-up bar that you can purchase anywhere.

But this is NOT an easy training, and it is not for the beginners.

It is pure bodyweight training and without dumbbells.

It works I saw visible improvements in the mirror in the end of the 3 weeks and was more muscled even if my muscles hurted every day it was worth it.

It is a very intensive training described in great detail by Chad Waterbury.

Here’s the program :

  • 50 pulls and 100 push ups
  • Per day…
  • 6 days a week …
  • During 3 weeks….
  • That’s all!!!

Simplicity, efficiency, results.

At my command ahuuuu!

Now you know the system.

The number of series the coach lets you decide.

The main thing is to do it.

I warn you your muscles will scream but will also grow and you will be much stronger.

And it works.

The 4th week you stop all training. This is when your muscles will rest that you will get the most visible results.

The advantages :

No gym.

No equipment. A simple pull up bar is all you need !

Simple method without looking at your watch.

You can do 5 pulls every hour for 10 hours or 50 pulls in 1 hour etc …

You choose, it’s up to you decide. Same thing for the 100 push ups.

Now that you know what to do.

Do this program and come back here to tell me what your results are, you will not be disappointed!

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Dan Assuied

That’s me your writer Dan Assuied here doing pull ups , 1 km from Gaza, in the Israeli heat.

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