Book “Another day in Paradise”

I just finished Eddie Little’s book, “Another day in paradise” and I am going to tell you why you have to read it.

First it’s one of the best books I’ve read, and I have read thousands. Realism, action and sometimes even too violent by its realism.

Eddie Little the writer beautifully describes in his book the criminal world in California, and the training of a thug.

Eddie Little knew what he was talking about, he knew about it because he himself did not have an easy life.

He was a former criminal and drug addict, a former convict also just like Edward Bunker. Thanks to an undeniable writer talent he became famous too.

Unfortunately Eddie Little finally died of an overdose, broke and alone at the young age of 48, in a motel room in Los Angeles.

Eddie you deserve this article in my blog because I love your books man!

This book is beautiful, filled with realism about life and despair, with no self pity.

We follow step by step the education of a kid to the criminal life.

I will not reveal more in order to make you want to read “Another day in paradise”.

You can leave comments for those who have read this book, and you can tell me what you thought about it.

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Dan Assuied

You can read my article here where I explain why I am not Proust. For Book lovers only lol.

Eddie Little from LA, writer of “Another day in paradise”.

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