Why Not to Give a Shit in 5 reasons

Why not to give a shit is good for you? After reading my article, you will understand why and I hope that you will join the group of the “I don’t care about anything anymore”.

Because you have the extreme privilege to read me on fieretlibre.com the soon to be best blog in the world, I am going to give you 5 reasons now, read carefully :

1)Not to give a shit is healthy

Once you master the art of people who like me don’t care about anything anymore, your health will improve. You will sleep better, you will stop worrying about every little shit. A better sleep leads to a better health.

2)Not to give a shit allows you to scare people

You don’t care, they all see it. Your boss, your friends, your girlfriend, so they see you really are independant, and it scares them because they can’t put pressure on you. They know that if they are pushing you a bit too much, you will take your bag and leave.

3)Not to give a shit is cool

Who was one of the coolest actor in the world? Steve Mc Queen. Why? Because after a difficult childhood and a stint in the Marines, and being broke before becoming famous, he understood that all that celebrity and Hollywood films was only luck. So he didn’t give a shit about it, he knew it was all bullshit.

4)Not to give a shit allows you to create

The best artists, writers, sculptors, painters didn’t think of the reaction of people when they created something. They wanted to create beauty. That’s all. And it worked. Today there is no good art anymore. Why? Because those so called artists today only check their likes on Twitter or Faceshit. So they are not concentrated anymore on creation.

5)Not to give a shit allows me not to care if you are going to like my article

And it is the last reason.

And if you are convinced good for you, if not I don’t give a shit.

Dan Assuied

The art of not giving a shit. Steve Mc Queen did it well

Posted in: Motivation

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