Cizia The last adventurer who found gold and lived free

French writer and adventurer Cizia Zike died at the age of 62. He travelled the world relax the hands in his pockets and wrote many books based on his adventures.

He was a French writer and adventurer, author of the best seller Oro. Cizia Zike became famous by appearing on French television at a litterature program. His charisma and story amazed everyone.

Cizia Today on my blog let me tell you about the most famous book of Cizia Zike, the one that made him famous, and in my opinion his first book is his best: ORO.

Oro is a true story. This book tells the adventures of a French adventurer who went to South America to find gold.

Cizia Zike, whose father was a former legionnaire, was a cynical man but also faithful to his friends and generous.

He had no illusions about human beings.

He was an adventurer ready to do anything to achieve his goals : to become rich, to be free, and to have fun on the way.

This book is great thanks to the personality of the author, courageous, manipulator and cynical, but also and that’s what makes him endearing, always trying to get rid of modern laws to be free.

He couldn’t stand countries too civilized and boring with too many laws like Europe or the United States.

That’s why he was a lot in Africa, South America and the Asian far East. He wrote about his adventures in those countries as well.

In the book Oro, he found a gold mine in South America! It is a real story guys not imagination.

Armed with a big Magnum, he hires a team of local loosers, and makes them work from morning till night in the icy water, to look for gold nuggets for him.

Cyzia Zike as a good exploiter makes his team work hard, in the middle of the jungle. He is sitting on his rocking chair and when they do not work fast enough he shoots in the air with his big Magnum so they hurry up.

He makes them work in underwear in icy water so that they have no pockets and can not steal gold nuggets.

All this to the sound of Heavy metal in the jungle, and smoking joints while they work. The scene is hilarious.

I will not reveal more about the book, but if my article made you want to buy it, click on this link Amazon. You will thus support my site at no additional cost to you, which is a good deal for both of us.

One last word about Cizia Zike, he said that in life there will always be exploiters and exploited, and that he therefore prefers to be an exploiter.

People who will follow my advice will enjoy the book. The others who won’t I don’t care, your loss.

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Dan Assuied

Cizia Zike, the last adventurer and writer.

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