Merkava, the israeli battle tank

Israel’s Merkava was chosen to be one of the 5 deadliest tanks in the world by the American magazine the National Interest.

My blog is also a blog for men who like action. Last time I talked about the Israeli Krav Maga, now I am going to tell you about another Israeli pride : the Merkava.

I served in the IDF, (Israeli army), but not in the tank corps. Nevertheless I am so proud that the Israeli tank Merkava was elected as one of the world best tanks that I decided to write an article about it.

Its excellent armor and firepower are its main assets.

The tank engine is in the front to protect the crew even more from enemy fire.

But the most important protection of the tank is the “trophy system” which can intercept anti-tank missiles and rockets.

Tank Merkava characteristics :

Mass 65 tonnes. Length 9.04 meters. Crew : 4. Speed 64km/h. Operational range 500 km.

Tank made in Israel completely.

120mm gun.

It is one of the most protected tanks in the world.

All Merkavas have a rear compartment which can be used to carry troops.

The museum of the Israeli armored corps can be visited in Latrun, Israel.

Dan Assuied

You can purchase an excellent copy of the tank here.

That’s me Dan Assuied the writer of that blog, here with an Israeli tank Merkava somewhere near Gaza.

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