Kettlebell to Quickly loose weight and gain muscles

The kettlebell is a barrel-shaped weight with a handle. It is used by the Russian army to train its soldiers. The swing is the basic movement. It’s great for losing weight and gaining muscle fast.

Today on my blog I am going to tell you about the kettlebell. Why? Because for years I have been training with a kettlebell that I bought and it helped me to be strong for my work in security.

My kettlebell weighs 16 kg, it is the standard model used by the Russian army for the training of its soldiers.

The movie star Liam Neeson uses it for his workouts.

I use it often and it’s great to keep fit even when you do not have much time to train.

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Only 20 minutes a day

Between 20 and 40 minutes of training with a Kettlebell is enough so do not complain that you have no time to train and other phony excuses.

A 20-minute workout with a Kettlebell burns 400 calories.

You will spend 20 calories per minute using it, it is as much as running and it is also good for losing fat.

The muscles worked by the kettlebell are:

Abdominals, arms, legs, back and buttocks.

What are the advantages of a Kettlebell?

  • Flexibility, you will be more flexible.
  • Aerobic work, the kettlebell makes your heart work.
  • Physical strength. The weight of the kettlebell will strengthen your muscles.
  • The Kettlebell is great for combat sports because it provides better coordination of the body.

Adding a Kettlebell to your workout is great for aerobic workout, muscularity, flexibility and coordination at the same time, allowing you to do a very efficient workout in 30 minutes.

Which model to choose?

I advise the 16 kg model, it is the one I use for years.

You can learn to use a Kettlebell easily by buying a book written by Pavel or a beginner’s DVD, or by hiring a coach.

Another advantage is that the Kettlebell takes up little space and can easily be stored under a bed or behind a door.

There are several kinds of Kettlebells sorted by weight, but the most popular are 16kg, 24kg and 32kg, look at the different models here, but once again I advise the 16 kg one that you can buy on Amazon.

If you want to save time and lose weight and gain muscle at the same time then the kettlebell is for you.

Dan Assuied

Kettlebell the perfect tool to loose weight and gain muscles at the same time!

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