Bel Ami or the Story of a Gigolo in Paris

Bel Ami was a French novel written by the great writer Guy de Maupassant. The subject of the book will interest you : how a penniless man becomes important and wealthy by seducing rich women.

A classic book you can recognize its value when it still talks to its readers even hundred years after it was written. It is the case of that book.

The main character of the book is an ex soldier of the French army, Georges Duroy, who is so broke that he must decide if he will eat a meal or drink a glass of beer instead. He can’t get both.

Thanks to his good looks and charm he succeeds in climbing up the ladder of success by seducing important women in french society.

Although the book speaks about the French society of the 19 century, nothing changed because all over the world even today you can see men doing the same thing.

They are called gigolos.

So guys you know what to do now. Buy that book here on Amazon and learn from Georges Duroy the hero of the book how to speak to women…I guarantee you that if you speak like him not many will resist you.

For people who don’t like reading there was an American film available here made in 2012 about the same book.

I didn’t see the film so I don’t know if it is good but I read the book who is excellent, like every thing from Guy de Maupassant.

You can leave a comment here if you liked the book or film or not.

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Dan Assuied

Bel Ami is basically the story of a Gigolo, a master in manipulation.

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