How to Seduce her at your first Date

Can you seduce her ? So many times I heard friends telling me “I don’t understand her, everything was great at our first date ! But she doesn’t give me a sign of life anymore !”

You understand that you did something wrong but you don’t know what.

In that article on “Fier et libre” I am going to give you 3 simple rules to interest a girl and have a successful first date.

1)Don’t be boring

This is the basic. If you speak of a subject that doesn’t interest her, she will run away from you !

Let’s say you are like me very interested in shooting, well I am sorry to tell you that if you are going to speak to her all the evening about the differences between the handgun Glock 19 and the Desert Eagle it’s over for you!

She may even yawn in front of your face and you won’t see her again.

Don’t be like those boring teachers we all had in high school and all still remember negatively. Be interesting!

2)Don’t be needy

Don’t scare her. Don’t be like those guys who send her 250 tweets after the first date to be sure she arrived home, that she thinks of you, that you love her etc…

She will, rightly so, be scared of you and will run away from you.

Nowadays it means she will block you from Twitter, whattsapp etc…

So don’t behave as if you were in San Quentin prison for 20 years and she is the first woman you saw!

3)Be easy to understand

If you try to seduce that pretty girl who is a hair dresser and you tell her for hours about the military involvement of the US in South Korea and what it means for the region, of course she will stop listening after 2 minutes.

Don’t be boring! You have to entertain her, so don’t speak about heavy subjects !

And avoid politics ! It is the best way to argue with anyone, and your goal is to seduce her don’t forget that!

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Dan Assuied

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How to seduce her at your first date, 3 mistakes to avoid.

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  1. Bien joué ! Souvent le mieux, c’est d’être soi-même tout simplement et ne pas jouer un rôle qui de toutes façon sera découvert…


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