4 advices to Stop behaving like a Nice Guy

“I think you’re a great guy…. and someday you’re going to meet a woman who will make you happy”. That’s what the Nice Guy hears all the time. Is it good ? No ! It is awful.

The Nice Guy respects women. It is a good thing but he respects them so much that he is too shy to speak to them, let alone seduce them.

That bothers him greatly of course, and I have friends who are so shy and feel so lonely without a girlfriend or wife that they ask me how to attract and seduce women.

They tell me women are so complicated, so different from men. They want to know how to be more confident and less shy to get the woman of their dreams.

They are right women are very different from men that’s why we love them.

Unfortunately, there is no magical trick, and men claiming they can get any girl they want are fake. It is absolutely impossible, even male movie stars get a “NO” sometimes.

BUT it is true that there are a few things to know and to do to attract women.

Yesterday I told you in that article how to seduce her at your first date.

Today on “Fier et Libre” I am going to give you those 4 advices to stop being the Nice Guy that women never want.

1)Learn to say NO !

To say no when needed is a sign of character. The Nice Guy doesn’t want to say no. For him to say no will turn him into a monster.

That’s not true at all and sometimes it is necessary to say no.

Of course I am not telling you to say no for nothing, but only if it is your interest, you will be more respected for that.

If you want that woman badly, learn to tell her no if she tells you of her interest in another guy, so you won’t fall in the horrible “friend zone”.

2)Not to care anymore about what other people think

The Nice Guy is completely paralyzed when he is around people.

He is so shy he thinks everyone is staring at him. That each move he makes is watched by everyone and that he is judged by them all the time.

So when he sees that beautiful girl in the bus, or in the library or other places he doesn’t even dare speak to her. Because in his imagination everyone is staring at him!

The truth is nobody is looking at him or paying attention or even care. Everyone has his own problems to think about.

So think about that next time you want to talk to that cute girl sitting next to you in the library.

3)Learn to decide

When a woman asks him what do you want to eat or what film do you want to see the Nice Guy generally answers I don’t know and you?

Or something similar. And it is something women hate. What restaurant? You choose! What film? You choose!

Your girlfriend will feel more secure if she sees she is with a man who knows what he wants and can decide.

4)Don’t be afraid of conflict

The Nice Guy doesn’t want to hurt, doesn’t want to argue, because he is unable to cope with that stress.

He prefers to keep things inside, and he suffers in silence.

The Nice Guy will be afraid to argue with his girlfriend. He thinks that if he disagrees with her even once she will leave him forever.

Unable to say no, you can see him being miserable, and her bossing him around.

A good relationship is impossible without arguments. Of course too many arguments about anything all the time will spoil the relationship, but an occasional argument is healthy to solve problems.

It is time to choose to be more manly, to be a man of character.

Your life will be more pleasant, and women will appreciate you more.

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Dan Assuied

You also need to look good to attract women and stop being the Nice Guy. See here how to look better.

4 advices to stop behaving like a Nice Guy

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