Increase your Testosterone and become a New Man

We all remember with nostalgy the very masculine movie stars we had like John Wayne, Clark Gable, Charles Bronson or Steve Mc Queen.

With their virility and charisma they were attracting movie goers, men were dreaming to look like them and women were dreaming to be in their arms.

Nowadays those same men if they were younger I don’t even think they would have the same success.

Why? Because society changed, and a man who was considered very attractive and virile then today will not have the same success.

Sadly young make movie stars today are less manly, and men all over the world are also less virile.

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Here on “Fier et Libre” I am going to tell you the reason and what to do about it.

The reason? Testosterone ! Men today have less testosterone.

That’s why men today are more emasculated than their fathers and even more than their grandfathers.

What is testosterone? It is what makes a man manly and virile.

Signs of low Testosterone :

  • Low self esteem
  • Depression
  • Low libido
  • Fatigue
  • Decreased muscle mass
  • Low sperm count

Tips to increase your Testosterone naturally

Pollution is one of the reasons men today have less testosterone, but the most important reason is diet.

You must eat 30 percent of your total calories from fat, but not any fat, only GOOD fat!

Too many men today eat low fat, low protein, high carbohydrate diets. The result ? They are weaker and less virile.

Eat like a man for more Testosterone. Here is a list of some great testosterone building meals.

-Beef and eggs : the zinc in the red meat and the high saturated fat in the eggs help your body produce testosterone.

-Liver : a lot of good things are in the liver. It is not for nothing that warriors in the past were eating a lot of it to be strong and aggressive. If you don’t like the taste of it take instead some liver tabs, one of the few supplements that I buy. They make me feel stronger for my workouts. The great Jack Lalanne himself was taking liver tabs.

-Peanuts, almonds, olive oil, coconut oil are all very rich in good fats.

-Take panax ginseng and another potent herb called Tribulus Terrestris too. Very good for your Testosterone and excellent for your vitality and virility ! I use them… Your wife or girlfriend will thank you for it…

Others advices to help increase testosterone

Sleep 7 to 8 hours per night.

Workout, lift weights or do pull ups, I do 50 pull ups a day you can see the results here.

Don’t drink, it is not good.

Don’t smoke.

Eat vegetables and fruits.

By following those simple advices easy to follow you will feel better and look better within a few weeks!

You will be not only more attractive with more self confidence but also your love life will greatly improve…

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Dan Assuied

Increase your Testosterone naturally and become a new man

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  1. Thank you for this very interesting article ! Indeed I regret Clark Gable my favorite actor (Gone with the wind) but also and Steeve Mc queene (The infernal tower) I liked in his roles and his beautiful blue eyes lol ! These actors were virile but always emanated the sense of gallantry…


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