3 Books to Fire You Up

Tired with life? Fed up with the same routine? Become a winner! I wrote for you a list of 3 books that can change your life in a meaningful way and help you to improve it greatly.

I chose for you readers of my blog books that will change you and fire you up in 3 very important aspects of life : fitness, business and spirituality.

Warning : read them only if you want to become the best you can !

Compete! With yourself! Don’t look at other people plates, only at yours, but try to make yours fuller and tastier every day.

Those are the books that influenced me greatly and can help you a lot too :

1) Fitness

A man in bad physical shape will not be able to reach his potential. A strong body is also a strong mind, and influences it. Not to mention that a strong and fit body will make you more attractive.

Kettlebell Simple and Sinister by Pavel

I didn’t know what a Kettlebell was when I bought that book. Thanks to the writer Pavel who introduced them to the western world I bought one. It allowed me to get in top physical shape very quickly and shed fat and get muscled, making my heart stronger too. I advise that book very warmly and also to buy a 16 kg Kettlebell. It will improve your martial arts too!

2) Business

The Art of the Deal by Donald Trump

That blog isn’t about politics. But nobody can deny that Donald Trump the President of the United States knows how to make money. His book fired me up and motivated me, I even left my job because of it and became independant. A MUST read !

3) Spirituality

The Universal Garden of Emuna by Shalom Arush

Life is not only about looking good and making money. Although it is important, a man without spirituality will be like an empty shell, all show but really superficial. That book which is an international best seller written by Shalom Arush helped me a lot in very difficult situations. I have no doubt it will help you too. I had the luck to meet the writer, a wonderful man only kindness.

Those are the 3 books that I chose. There are others that I would advise but if I had to choose only 3 you have them here on my article.

So don’t be afraid to change and don’t wait to start to become a better you!

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Dan Assuied

I chose for you 3 books that will change your life for the best.

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