Facebook 8 Reasons to Run Away From It

Facebook, forget it !
Is Facebook the best invention since the discovery of the wheel ? Not at all, and I am going to tell you why you should run away from it !

In spite of all the fame of Facebook and the hundreds of millions of subscribers, I realized that the beautiful Facebook princess by looking at it more closely was not pretty at all.

So I decided to be much much less on Facebook and here’s why.

I found for you readers of my blog “Fier et libre – Proud and Free” 8 good reasons to run away from Facebook.

Of course if you choose to stop Facebook completely, it will be even better for you !

1) Being less on Facebook will give you more time

Facebook is a time thief.

And what is our most precious possession on earth, an irreplaceable good that once gone is lost forever? Time!

Money lost you can get it back by working, a lost love you can also find a new one but lost time is lost forever.

Look in that book how every hour wisely used can make wonders !

We all have only a limited number of years to live on this earth, and even the biggest billionaire can not buy more time when the end is near.

Every minute spent on Facebook is a minute of your life lost forever.

And for what?

To give likes to someone else pictures of breakfast or to look at the photos of cats ! Is it worth it ?

2) Being less on Facebook to progress

The time wasted on Facebook is at the expense of other activities.

Rather than sitting in front of your Facebook page, red eyed by the lack of sleep and disgusted by the stupidity of many posts, it is better to turn off your computer.

Get up from your chair. Lift some dumbbells, or do pull ups and dips even at home with this power tower ! Or go out to breath air, do anything but get out of that Facebook prison !

It’s up to you !

3) Being less on Facebook to become a better person

I often argued on Facebook with complete strangers about superficial and unimportant topics.

And I always regretted after realizing that it was not worth it because in the end no one changes their minds, and getting angry damages health, and also prevents to sleep well.

And why argue with a stranger that you will never meet in your life anyway ?

4) Being less on Facebook to see real friends

Virtual friends are sometimes good, some are sincere and exciting, but do not forget your friends and family in real life.

Chatting for hours with someone who lives on the other side of the world and that in most cases you will never meet, and never meet someone close who does not live far is pure madness.

How many people in big cities will not even say hello to their neighbors but will say hello to someone who lives in Uagadugu, Tokyo, Rio de Janeiro or Los Angeles?

A lot !

5) Being less on Facebook will make you walk with a straight back

Look at them all in the street, in the bus, everywhere staring at their screens, their back bent as if they are at least 120 years old.

Improve your posture and walk straight !

Don’t you see that your back has the shape of the Facebook f in the end?

So stop walking like a monkey escaped from a zoo and walk like a man!

Be more classy please!

6) Being less on Facebook in order not to escape from reality

Time lost on Facebook prevents to solve the problems that will accumulate.

I postponed important things to do and urgent problems to settle in order to be a little bit more on Facebook.

The result ?

Rather than solving problems as soon as you have got them, I let them grow !

Being less on Facebook will make you able to quickly solve a problem before it grows or gets bigger.

7) Being less on Facebook because getting likes gives you nothing

Having likes is always a pleasure. Who does not want to be appreciated?

Be honest with yourself. Apart from this little momentary pleasure, concretely, having likes gives what?

After 10,000 likes do you win a trip to Tahiti or Hawaii? No … (By the way, a hello to my readers in the Islands.)

Each like will not even give you a cent.

Open your eyes!!!

8) Be less on Facebook to be free

Having likes causes a form of addiction that generates a race for more likes by posting more and more posts, and for some girls, by putting pictures of them with skirts shorter and shorter over time ….

It’s a form of addiction, like a drug, and I do not like to depend on anything or be manipulated.

I hope I helped some of you to open their eyes. And if my article even helped only a single person to flee Facebook like the plague then it was worth it.

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Dan Assuied

Facebook Run away from it 8 reasons

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