This is the Worse Mistake to avoid to seduce her

Do you know what is the BIGGEST mistake that you shouldn’t do to seduce a woman?

To look needy.

If a woman feels in your attitude or behaviour that you are a needy guy, then you can tell her good bye!

All your chances to seduce her are just close to zero.


Because that kind of behaviour from you will make her think that you are a “beta male”(a guy with little value if you prefer).

And it is nothing but normal.

An Alpha male will never struggle to get noticed by a girl, he will never do everything he can to impress her.

If you behave like a needy guy, she is going to think that you aren’t successful with women and not attractive and interesting either.

But I have GOOD NEWS for you.

Most of the guys make that mistake and look needy with women. So to look above the others you just need to correct that mistake and stop being needy to attract that girl!

That’s a very efficient way to seduce.

So if you want to be more successful with women, or you simply want to seduce a woman that you love, you only need to show her that you don’t really need her.

You are above that. She will feel that and will be attracted…

You will do a even better job if you reverse the situation and make her seek your approval.

If she starts to do that, it means she is starting to be really attracted.

You can read in that article other important things to know to seduce her.

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Dan Assuied

The worse mistake to seduce a girl don’t be needy!

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