The 4 Foods That can Kill your Sex Drive

Those 4 foods will decrease your sexual desire and kill your Sex drive. You must absolutely avoid them in order not to ruin your sex life.


Soya is one of the worse food for your libido. Soya is full of proteins, iron and vitamins A and B, in spite of that you must stop to eat soya if you are a man.

Soya creates estrogen in your body, estrogen is a feminine hormone.

Soya also decrease the level of testosterone and sperm count! And testosterone is what makes a man….a man! So guys forget that food if you don’t want to tell your libido good bye. Learn how to increase your testosterone.

2) Mint

Used in drinks, teas and also candies and ice creams mint is unfortunately also bad for your virility.

The menthol in mint reduces testosterone, therefore lowering male libido.

Avoid it completely if you don’t want to do a number on your skills in the sack.

3) Corn flakes

Made from corn and used for breakfast, they are cooked with sugar and vitamins to make them.

Corn flakes were invented to decrease sexual desire!

And it works! It kills libido by significantly reducing the amount of testosterone produced.

you have been warned!

4) Alcohol

To drink occasionally is nice, I love red wine and I drink it sometimes, but guys don’t exagerate with alcohol.

Heavy drinking can lead to lower testosterone and higher estrogen levels. It can affect your libido in a negative way.

Too much alcohol can also make you more tired, and can create erection problems. So drink but not too much.Find out what to eat to increase your Sex Drive.

==> You also need to workout to increase your sex drive. No time to go to the gym? Fed up with gym fees? The solution is HERE >>

Dan Assuied

The 4 foods that can kill your sex drive

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