Muscle building Products: which work and which don’t?

Bobybuilding supplements that promise to build muscles are plenty. They all promise the same thing : buy it, become suddenly Arnold and get all the girls you want.

But how many of those supplements really work? What work in a laboratory on a mouse doesn’t always mean it will work on a human.

Always remember that the most important thing to build muscle is exercise, diet and sleep. If you have enough of those you don’t need supplements.

But supplements will help you to train harder.

So what are the supplements that are worth it?

Supplements that work


Creatine is the number one supplement to improve performance in the gym. Creatine is an amino acid located mostly in your muscles. Your body converts creatine to phosphocreatine and stores it in your muscles, where it is used for energy.

As a result people take creatine orally to improve athletic performance and increase muscle mass.

Studies show that it can increase muscle mass, strength and exercise performance.

Creatine is one of the cheapest, most effective and safest supplement you can take.

Protein Powder

Protein powder is a popular supplement, cheap and tasty. They are as good or better than other protein sources. It makes it very useful when you want to eat chocolate with the proteins found in chicken breast.

They are very useful to be sure to get enough proteins in your diet.

Protein powder is a very convenient supplement for muscle mass and powder.

Supplements that may work


Beta Alanine is a popular supplement among athletes and fitness enthusiasts. That’s because it’s be shown to improve performance and benefit health.

Beta Alanine is a non essential amino-acid. Your body uses it to produce carnosine, which helps improve exercise performance by reducing the acidity in your muscles during hard training.

Beta Alanine that you can get here can help reduce fatigue and increase muscle endurance and exercise capacity.

Supplements that May not work


HMB is the initials of Beta-hydroxybeta-methylbutyrate (HMB).

It is a molecule that’s produced when your body processed the amino acid leucine.

HMB is supposed to prevent muscle protein breakdown also called catabolism.

Unfortunately it doesn’t affect sports performance and it doesn’t help build muscle mass.

HMB might help to preserve muscle mass during caloric restriction, but more research is needed to be sure.


The Branched Chain Amino Acid (BCAAs) are a group of 3 essential amino acids : Leucine, Isoleucine and Valine.

BCAA increase muscle mass.

BCAA decrease muscle soreness by reducing damage in exercised muscles

BCAA reduce exercise fatigue, but will not improve exercise performance.

Many foods high in protein contain high amounts of BCAA. If you consume enough proteins in your diet, BCAA supplements will not help.

Supplements NOT to buy


Glutamine is needed for the functioning of muscle cells. It would cause growth to your muscles only if it was injected.

But with oral supplementation it doesn’t increase muscle mass.

Mass Gainers

Mass Gainers are just protein powder with a lot of sugar in it and fatty acid, very unhealthy.

If you want to put on weight, blend bananas, peanut butter with milk yogurt and protein powder.

It’s healthier and tastier as well.

As you can see many supplements sold are only bluff, a dream sold to you by intelligent marketers.

As for the supplements that work, they will help you if you train hard, eat balanced and sleep enough hours.

Then you will be proud and free!

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Dan Assuied

Muscle building supplements that work, and others that don’t work.

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