Israeli Secrets of Street Survival

In many parts of the so called civilized world, the streets have become a war zone and nobody is really safe. In Israel, surrounded by hostile countries who want us dead, we have efficient answers.

Last time I spoke of Israeli survival it was in my article about Krav Maga that I practiced for 10 years.

Now I chose to write about a good book about Israeli survival, written by someone who knows what he is talking about.

I worked in security in Israel for 10 years, and if I chose to tell you about that book it is because it is a good one.

Eugene Sockut the author of “Secrets of Street Survival Israeli Style” knows what he is speaking about.

Although some chapters of the book need to be modernized, (the book was written in 1995), still the basis is excellent.

There are chapters about every important aspect of security from how to choose a gun, to krav maga, knife fighting, mindsets, securing your home from the street and even how to survive a riot.

I believe in experience and training more than in books, but very good books like that one can be a complement.

You will find in it everything you need to know to stay alive in a civilian war zone.

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Dan Assuied

The book is available here on eBay.

Israeli survival secrets how to survive in a civilian war zone

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