Self Respect Why It is Important

Self respect is a notion that seems to be forgotten nowadays. People are confused. They don’t know what is self respect anymore.

And then what happens? They are suddenly completely surprised that they don’t get any respect from anyone!

And then they start crying and complaining saying things like “Not fair people do not respect me there is no respect anymore!”

Let me tell you my friend a secret :

When you are going to start to respect yourself only after that people around you will start to respect you.

If you don’t even respect yourself how do you want other people to respect you? They won’t!

Respect how to get it is pretty simple.

Start following the advice mentioned in my article, I had to write it, you are here on my blog called Proud and Free after all!

There is a reason I didn’t name it flowers and love or other wimpy stuff!

Now let’s go start reading and get motivated!

Respect your body

Never neglect yourself, always be flawless. You must always look the best you can. Women will look at you.

Shave every day and put a good after shave to smell good. If you have a beard cut it and use a beard oil. Go to the hairdresser once a month, and take a shower every day, I only use an African Black soap but it’s up to you.

Clean clothes.

Never let yourself go to the point of becoming a kind of fatso, like those with such a fat belly that they can’t even who see their own feet when they walk….(if they make the effort to walk…)

Workout. No time to go to the gym? Do pushups and/or pullups you don’t need a gym you can do that at home like I do.

I forgot stop eating too much! If you do workout it won’t help if you eat too much.

So make my day and forget the word fastfood, you will save money, you will look better and will be healthier.

Walk straight back and not bend forward as if you were 117 years old.

Look at people straight in the eyes when they are around you. You are not a machine or an animal.

Just by following these simple tips people will respect you more.

Respect yourself in Love

She left you so what? Everyone has been left at least once in his life even me the author of this article lol.

Do not beg her. If you do it she will never respect you again and you will loose her forever.

If she has let you down there is a reason for that. Or you you cheated her or you simply behaved with her so much like a wimp that she left disgusted thinking that she already had a dog at home and she does not need a second one.

For the next girlfriend you will remember. A woman needs a man and not a doggie.

So respect yourself even in love relationships and these ladies will respect you too. See here how to seduce her at your first date.

Respect yourself at work

Do your job the best you can, give it all, arrive on time and never complain.

And even more important make sure that you become so good at your job that they are forced to increase your salary and give you a promotion.

Respect yourself in life

As I already told you, to gain people respect, you must already respect yourself. Respect yourself and whatever job you choose do the best you can to succeed.

If you invest enough time and energy, and are sure of your abilities then you can only succeed.

In every area at work, in your social or love life, self-respect is the basis for success.

The first step is to have confidence in your abilities and to respect yourself.

So start loving you, and yes respect people too. It will help. A lot. If you behave like an arrogant snob, then don’t be surprised not to be respected.

It’s up too you.

==> Look good to seduce her. No time to go to the gym? Fed up with gym fees? The solution is HERE >>

Dan Assuied

Self Respect why it is a must!

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