After That Mistake She Put me Directly in the Friend Zone

Let me tell you about one of the biggest mistake you can make with a woman that you want to seduce.

It is not a small mistake, on the contrary it is the kind of mistake that will make the woman run away from you!

I made that mistake with a woman who was my dream. The result? I never saw her again…

What is that mistake?

Don’t tell her about your feelings for her too early!

I made that mistake and I still remember the price I paid for it.

Let me tell you about that personal story, not very glorious, but I learnt from it, and I hope you will learn from it too.

She was the daughter of one of my mother friends.

As soon as I saw her, my heart started to beat more quickly.

She was blonde, with green eyes, a charming smile, petite but with a beautiful body.

She was intelligent too and funny.

We started to talk and laugh together. Of course I asked her phone number that she gave me. There was already a close connection between us.

A few days later, I called her and we agreed to meet.

I saw her at our meeting place, she was already there for our first date.

Beautiful, elegant, other guys were already looking at her.

We started to chat, and laughed, happy to be together. The attraction was here, the desire too…

Everything was great till I made the big mistake.

I started to tell her about my feelings about her already! Way too early!

I get enthusiastic, and romantic, and I told her how beautiful she is and how I am happy that we met, how I love the way she walks and her way of looking at me….

Guess what happened after that?

You get it….everything turned for the worse.

I succeeded to break the mutual attraction and sexual tension.

The good atmosphere there was between us a few minutes before turned into embarrassment and the way she looked at me changed completely.

Within minutes everything turned into a fiasco. The mutual attraction turned into an embarrassed silence and politeness.

Of course, she suddenly remembered that she had to leave early to go home, something urgent to do…

I was lost, I didn’t understand what happened.

After that, she never answered my phone calls and didn’t even read my messages.

I was fed up, depressed and disgusted with life.

Of course after a while, with more experience, I understood what happened.

Women love a bit of mystery, and having to conquer a little bit the man they want.

If it is too easy they don’t want you.

If from the beginning you tell her the secrets of your heart, you break all the charm and you don’t even encourage her to think about you: you just lost the game.

So guys forget Hollywood bullshit where Brad Pitt is going to tell her fellow actress in the film how much he loves her after 5 minutes, under the rain with red roses in hand and a romantic music magically appearing….and of course she will fall for him.

Unfortunately real life is real life and not a film and even Brad Pitt wouldn’t have made that mistake.

So think about my article and next time you want to tell the girl of your dreams how much you love her and it is destiny etc just wait.

Not now.

Not too early.

Or you are going to spoil everything.

Just wait.

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Dan Assuied

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No friend zone for you if you avoid that mistake

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2 thoughts on “After That Mistake She Put me Directly in the Friend Zone Leave a comment

  1. From my perspective as a woman – this advice isn’t the best. I love men being upfront and taking the risk to say so. Cards on the table. But hey it’s just a sample of one, just as your advice seems to be based on one experience as well. Not sure I’d generalise from that.


  2. Well as I said in the article it is my personal experience. Most women (and men) don’t like to have it too easy. If the man shows her too much and too quickly that he wants her she will be flattered but…run away. In most cases. Again, it is my personal experience, but also from friends who noticed the same thing. Thank you for your comment. You seem to be the exception to the rule. 🙂


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