How to Break Up with Her in 5 Steps

It is always difficult to break up in a couple, especially if you still have feelings for her.

You were sure of your decision but you are hesitating now.

To finish a relationship is always complicated and messy.

The goal of this article is to help you to do it in a not too painful way.

By following the 5 steps in my article you will break up without too much suffering for you and for your partner.

My goal is too help you to get over it as quickly as possible in order to continue with your life.

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For a “successful” break up, you must be sure of your decision.

1)Be sure that you want to break up

Think about the reasons that make you feel that way but if for you to break up is the only solution then do it.

It’s your life and you must look for happiness.

If there are children think about it well. Because children are very sensitive and it can hurt them a lot.

Take a piece of paper, and write 2 columns. One the one side write down the advantages of the relationship, on the other side of the sheet, the disadvantages.

Think also if you will be happier being single or being with someone else.

If you have doubts about the future of your couple, tell her, speak about it with her.

Communication is important in a couple, and maybe you will find solutions together in order to save your couple.

It is not easy to speak about that but it’s important in order not to have regrets if you decide to break up.

2)Choose the right moment to break up

There is not a perfect moment to break up. By right moment I meant the less awful.

Do your best in order not to tell her when she is in a difficult situation ( someone in her family is ill, or before an exam…)

On the other hand don’t wait too much before telling her that you want to leave her.

I have a friend he waited for 2 years before telling her….

If you are sure of your decision tell her!

3)Choose the right place to break up

For you and for her it is better to do it when you are both alone, when there are no other people around you.

Because you can’t guess what her reaction will be.

She may take it silently, but she can insult you or cry or faint or slap you. So better to be alone ….

Don’t make the situation even more difficult than it is already.

Don’t take her to a restaurant for that or you may end up with all the customers and waiters looking at you….and with the food on your trousers if she is hot blooded.

4)Break up in a correct way don’t be cruel

Like Elvis sang in one of his songs “Don’t be cruel”.

Don’t break up by email or Twitter or by phone. Only cowards behave that way.

Prove her you are a man with balls and tell her face to face.

Of course there are exceptions. If you live in California and she lives in England, you are not going to pay an expensive plane ticket for that. Tell her by Skype.

If you were several weeks with no contact at all, then in that case it’s all right a Twitter will be enough, and not a big surprise for her.

Be short. To the point. Don’t speak of all the good moments you had together.

She is going to ask you why you are leaving her, so think about your answer before, in order not to hurt her even more, because she will be already hurt so no need to add.

Don’t stay with her too long, it will make the situation even more painful. The best is to tell her, and go.

5)And now what?

Now don’t call her back. It will hurt her and you too.

Don’t look at her photos anymore.

Unfriend her on Facebook and block her on WhatsApp, and don’t stalk her.

Of course if you have children together don’t do that, stay in touch with her in a friendly way but keep your distance.

When you want to leave someone try to do it correctly, so it won’t be too bitter for you and for her.

The first weeks and months will be difficult, but if you were sure of your decision and were not happy anymore then you made the right choice.

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How to break up with her in a good way

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