I want so I can and I will blablabla

How many times I see in self motivation articles sentences like “with determination, with my willpower, I want so I can etc, etc…

We all need a bit of humility.

We are only humans and we can’t do everything we are all lying to ourselves.

I read an article for exemple that admired millionaires, and that they succeed because they did that, and ate that and also thought that etc….

All right, they certainly have strong work ethic and brain but we all forget one primordial factor in their success : luck!

And who gives luck?

No it is not the strength of nature, or random chance.

G-d gives luck.

He gives luck, health, success and wealth and everything else.

Of course we must do our best, personal decisions and willpower and tenacity are important.

BUT without His help nothing will succeed.

So we must all be a bit more modest with ourselves and mustn’t forget that without the blessings of our Maker, nothing will succeed for long.

Dan Assuied

Beautiful Israeli landscape, where I am writing from.

Posted in: Motivation

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