10 Sentences Losers Say All The Time

I found for you the best sentences that losers love to use. In fact they use them so much that it quickly becomes a habit, a part of their personality.

We all have those moments of weakness, when it seems that we can’t anymore and we speak like losers.

It’s okay sometimes to be tired but the most important is to continue and not remain discouraged.

Here is the list of the 10 preferred sentences that losers use all the time:

1)I will start tomorrow.

Tomorrow, tomorrow, tomorrow. Yeah I will do it tomorrow. And every day same thing, and nothing is done yet. Wake up man and do it now!

2)I can’t.

Yes you can. You just don’t want. Or you think you can’t. Many things I thought I couldn’t do them and I did! I walked 24 hours without sleeping with a 15 kg bag on my back, without eating too except military food. I didn’t know I could do it but I did it. And was very proud of me after that.

3) It’s not my fault

It is not the question, your fault or not. Even if it is your fault and you failed so what? Everybody can fail. The most important is not to give up and to continue.

4) It’s not fair

Nothing is fair in that world. Is there something really fair? You see criminals succeeding and good people failing. Just get up and keep fighting!

5)I am too tired

Your mind is tired more than your body. Take a few days off. Take a break in the rush and then come back stronger. Just don’t give up the fight.

6)I am not lucky

Some people are more lucky than others but they also worked hard before being lucky. If you are in front of your TV eating fries all day and don’t even try anything to succeed luck has nothing to do with that.

7)I should have

Past is past. We all make mistakes. There are many things I should have done better, the most important is to learn from past mistakes and not to do them again.

8)Pity I didn’t

See number 7.

9)If I had known

Who can read in the future? Nobody, so stop feeling guilty for the things you didn’t do, or did not well. At the time it looked like a good decision. It wasn’t. Time to move on and not live in the past.

10)Easy for you to say

Cry babies love that sentence that is getting on my nerves. They think everyone has an easy life except themaelves. Everyone has problems. So get up and fight instead of crying!!!

It is not a disease to be a loser, in fact it is the biggest club in the world.

Although luck plays a big part in success, hard work too so without trying hard luck will never come.

Just don’t make it a habit, and try to get out of that club and join a better one.

Read those books in order to have a new start, improve your life and get motivated to win.

And always remember my friend whatever your situation is never lose hope! After the rain the sunshine…

Dan Assuied

10 Sentences losers say all the time

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