Elvis Presley 22 Facts About Him that You Didn’t Know

Elvis Presley the King of Rock’n’roll, read those 22 facts about him, many will surprise you.


Elvis Presley is still extremely popular decades after his death and we all miss him.


Nobody has really succeeded in replacing him.


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Read those facts about him to know more about Elvis the King!


1) Elvis middle name is spelled Aron in his birth record and Aaron in his tombstone.


2) Elvis had a twin, Jesse Garon, who was stillborn.


3) Elvis was famous for his black hair but his natural color was brown.


4) Elvis survived a Tornado in Tupelo when he was 15 months old.


5) Elvis Presley got his first guitar when he was 11 years old, but it wasn’t the present he wanted, he wanted a rifle.


6) He was the first member of his family to graduate high school.


7) Elvis was 6 feet tall.


8) Elvis made his first record when he was 18 as a gift to his mother, he paid 4 dollars for it.


9) His breakthrough hit was Heartbreak Hotel.


10) Elvis Presley recorded over 15 songs with the word blue in the title, like Blue Suede Shoes.


11) Elvis served in the US Army when he was already famous, in the Second Armored Division in Germany.



12) Elvis wanted to be treated like a regular soldier, and he was earning 78 dollars a month.


13) Elvis met his wife Priscilla Beaulieu when he was a soldier, she was 14.


14) Elvis lost his mother when she was only 46, she died of a heart attack. It broke Elvis all his life he was very close to her.


15) Elvis favorite sandwich was peanut butter, bacon and banana the Elvis sandwich.


16) Elvis never performed outside of North America.



17) Presley wore Jewish and Christian symbols, saying that he didn’t want to miss heaven because of a technicality.


18) Elvis had a black belt in Karate.


19) Elvis bought Roosevelt presidential yacht.


20) In the US National Archive, the photo of Nixon shaking hand with Elvis is the most requested item.


21) 1 million Americans voted for the image of Elvis that would appear on the official Elvis Presley stamp issued by the US Post in January 1993.


22) Elvis recorded more than 600 songs, but didn’t write a single one.‏

If you want to know more about Elvis one of his bodyguards wrote a book about him.

I hope you liked my article, if there are other facts about Elvis that I forgot to mention feel free to tell me.

I will conclude by a John Lennon quotation : “Nothing really affected me until Elvis.”

Dan Assuied



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