How to Be Stronger and Look Better the Simple Truth

Everybody wants to look better, be stronger and loose weight. It is not as complicated as the medias tell you and you don’t even need a gym for that.

The main factor is in your head.

You have got to drive the body to the last inch of energy and go on. If you listen to your body you will gain nothing!

You have to go to the point of exhaustion and then continue.

If you always quit when you are only a bit tired you will never gain. You can’t make any gain by listening to the body.

Your body will always tell you I can’t continue, I am exhausted, please stop and let’s watch TV, eat pizza and drink a beer.

No! Don’t listen to it !

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If you push and go beyond the point of exhaustion, you will find out that you have more strength than you thought.

It is the only way to progress !

Muscles can’t gain strength by doing something which can be done easily. To gain strength the body must be pushed to the point of exhaustion and continue.

Every muscle which is not used will start to decline in strength within a few hours after use.

We must stop being lazy. We only use about a tenth of our total body strength. We rust out because we are too lazy to exercise vigorously.

We can always take one more step.

You gain nothing by just going up to where your body says you are exhausted and can’t continue anymore.

By sitting all day we are like a car parking all the time. It will rust and won’t work anymore. For our body is the same thing.

A lazy body will rust, will get weaker and weaker and lazier and lazier, (with more fat too) and then your mind will follow.

We can become much stronger if we drive the body, and refuse to be driven by its laziness.

So get up of that sofa NOW, stop watching that useless show on TV, and do some push ups or do regularly pull ups and become stronger and more buff.

Kettlebells are also an excellent way to get in shape, in 30 minutes you can have a good workout, shed fat and build muscles.

So guys get up of that couch and move ! You will feel better, will look better and healthier, and will be different from the average Joe.

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Dan Assuied

To Gain Strength always go beyond exhaustion

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