Don’t Take Your Fears into Account

There is a time to take your fears into account and there is a time to forget your fears.

It is always important to know exactly what you are doing.

Fear of life can paralyse people.

If you want to take your fears into account stop driving a car! It is dangerous to drive on a highway!

It is dangerous to charge at full speed towards another car and miss only by a few feet. We do it every day on our highways and accept the fear of a car accident.

Don’t sleep in a bed anymore also, it is not safe to sleep in a bed, more people die in bed than any other place….

A person who can’t face a fear will always be running from it. That person will not be able to face life, because every day of life is one day closer to death.

If you listen to your fears about death you will destroy every day of your life.

In times of danger from floods, fires, terrorist attacks, cancer and old age the mind doesn’t gain by taking counsel of fears.

We will get older wether we listen to the fears of old age or not.

The fear of age can be worse than age. Cancer can cause death from worry as easily as from the disease.

Proof of this fat is that many people fear cancer so much that they refuse to have the physical check up which could result in early treatment to destroy the cancer.

Never take into account the fear of cancer. Never take into account the fear of anything.

Every day of life is another day, every day of life pushed death back one more day.

Nobody knows how many days of life we have left. If we take our fears into account we will never enjoy life.

==>>Find meaning in your life and never be broken again!<<==

After you made a decision, stick to it no matter what, and never let your fears win.

Dan Assuied

Never take your fears into account.

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