Break Up How to Overcome it Like A Boss

That’s it, it’s over. She left you. Your heart is broken in 1000 pieces and you still wonder what’s happening to you.

It happened to everyone. It happened to me also of course, and I hope to use my experience of (too) many breakups in order to help you guys to overcome that not too pleasant moment.

After a breakup in general your brain does not work anymore because of the pain. She hurted you by leaving you. Really bad.

You have no appetite, you do not sleep anymore, you do not want anything. Except…to be with her.

Every gesture weighs you down. To wash, to shave, to go to the hairdresser is only a memory.

You neglect yourself and do not want to see people anymore.

You just think of her, you make the film in your head you did not see anything coming.

And you are making plans how to get her back. You are telling yourself that she will come back and tell you that she loves you and can not live without you.

So let me tell you here my friend.

NO she will not come back.

NO, she does not love you, otherwise she would never have left you.

Now here is my battle plan to make you become a man again, a real one. You will at last stop crying on your lot like a little shit.

You are going to overcome your break up in 10 lessons.

1) She does not love you and she’s right

First stop imagining that she loves you. She doesn’t.

I also wouldn’t have loved you if I was a woman. Look at the way you behave. No courage, broken, as if she is the only woman in the world!

Don’t be a pathetic wimp. Women love real men and not a crying creature that collapses at the slightest shock.

She left you, so what, you will overcome like a boss!

So get up and start to remember that you are born with a pair of testicles!

2) Do not beg her, do not harass her

Do not write her 1000 SMS in 2 hours and do not call her 48 times in 20 minutes.

Do you think you’ll get her back that way? Not at all!

Respect yourself!

>>Check here : Self respect why it is important

She will have even less regret to flee seeing that you are finally a mad man who behaves like her doggy.

3) Do not write to her anymore, do not call her anymore, do not go to meet her

Take her phone number and erase it. You erase everything. You’re not going to see her, behave like a man.

She will be even upset that you have forgotten her so easily.

Do not go to see what she’s doing on Facebook, unfriend her or even better block her.

4) Take care of yourself

Hygiene, do not neglect yourself. Too many guys after a break up look like shit.

Hairdresser, good skin care for men we also have the right to pamper, shower, shave, use a quality after shave.

Do not forget a quality men’s brand perfume like my favorite perfume that I recommend.

Put on your best clothes, straight up, look in the mirror.

You look better like that, women start to look at you again.

5) Sport to build your body

Build your body. Get those handles to do pushups, buy a pull up bar to train often even at home.

Jump rope or train with a Kettlebell. Read my program that I use for myself.

>> Read here : Kettlebell to quickly loose weight and gain muscles.

You will become a man again. You have neglected yourself too much. A stronger body means a stronger mind.

Women start looking at you in the street and more important, your new muscles give you more self confidence.

6) Balanced and healthy meals

If you eat shit you will look like shit. Eat the right food to build your muscles, make you loose fat and build more Testosterone.

>>Read: my article here about testosterone and what to eat for that.

7) No sad movies or sad music

Those things are very depressing even if someone is not depressed he will want to shoot himself in the head because of that.

Choose only cheerful music like the great Pavarotti or motivating movies, like the uplifting Rocky films.

8) Go to see people who love you

Friends, family or a new girlfriend. It will be good for you because isolating oneself and locking oneself up is good for rebuilding oneself, but after a while you have to see people to avoid becoming a hermit.

9) Go to the nature

Turn off your phone, go for a whole day walking, alone, in the forest, or in the mountains or at the sea.

The beauty of nature will make you feel good, and will make you relativize your problems.

10) Read motivational books

Books yes these things made of paper. But good books. Those books will help to make a better man out of you.

The Miserables of Victor Hugo a powerful book, Meditations of Marcus Aurelius the Roman emperor in Philosophy, The Art of War of Sun Tzu, a great Chinese general.

Those books will make you smarter and will make you love…. reading!

By following those 10 tips to overcome the breakup, you will feel better and be a new man very quickly.

Women will start to look at you again and, above all, you will be able to look at yourself in the mirror, and smile, happy to see that you have overcome this test and that, yes, you already forgot her.

And welcome back to the men’s world and forget the wimps’ club.

Dan Assuied

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