Frida Kahlo the Artist with a Heart full of Colors

Frida Kahlo teaches us Never to despair and that no matter what, no matter how much we suffer and can be in pain in that world, there is always beauty and colors and art to cheer us up.

Mexican artist Frida Kahlo’s unique and flamboyant style was an integral part of her identity.

She painted many portraits, self portraits and drawings inspired by Mexico and by her own life.

Frida Kahlo’s paintings are all about realism mixed with fantasy, with a distinctive Mexican folk art style.

Frida Kahlo difficult childhood

Frida had a difficult childhood, she was disabled by polio as a child when she was 6.

Later when she was 18 a bus accident left her disabled and in pain for life. It prevented her from finishing her medical studies.

Frida decision to become an artist

Frida Kahlo decided then to become an artist and to live from her art.

During her recovery she turned to her childhood hobby of art and started to paint again, partly also because she was bored in bed.

Frida Kahlo surprisingly never went to art school. Instead she spent hours alone in front of a mirror painting her own face.

Frida Kahlo unique style

Self portraits later became nearly a third of her artwork.

Frida Kahlo is easily recognizable worldwide with her unibrows, Mexican clothes and deep brown eyes.

Her paintings are full of Mexican history, tradition and culture, and the lively and cheerful colors are a pleasure for the eyes and hearts.

Like many artists she unfortunately only became famous decades after her death.

She is one of my preferred artist, there is a film about her that you can buy on Amazon and also an excellent biography.

Dan Assuied

Frida Kahlo Mexican artist

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