A Word can Kill like a Sword

“Like a sword, a word can wound or kill, but as long as one does not touch the blade, the sword is no more than a smooth piece of metal. Someone who knows the qualities of a sword does not play with it, and someone who knows the nature of words does not play with them.”

Myamoto Musashi, The book of Five Rings


Myamoto Musashi was right he knew what he was talking about.

Look at the word sword. If you take off the “S” out of it, the sword becomes word.

The “S” that you take off is the initial of Silence. So when you keep your tongue, you don’t say the hurting word, your tongue doesn’t become a Sword but only says a Word.

Think about that next time you are about to say something horrible, it can even save your life, your job or your relationship.

Dan Assuied

Myamoto Musashi here I drew a Samurai.

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