The 5 Main Mistakes that Poor People Always Make

There is nothing wrong with being poor, but to try to get out of that situation is positive. Although it is not always immediately possible, there are some important tips to follow that will help you in the long run to improve your life.

Those are the 5 main mistakes that poor people make :

1- Poor people watch a lot of TV

Don’t do that. It is a huge waste of time.

Watching TV only does 3 things : teach you to watch and be passive, brainwash your mind with stupid ideas and agendas and make you waste your time and life.

Instead of being passive in front of a TV screen do some push ups or lift some weights to be stronger, or read a book to be more intelligent.

15 years ago I threw my TV away, it gave me time to do important things instead.

2- Poor people eat fast food

Poor people don’t know how horrible that kind of food is for their health.

With all the sugar and fat in fast food, they become fatter and uglier every day but are also damaging their health.

If you notice in every big cities poor areas you see a lot of fat and obese people with big bellies, and in richer areas you see slim people….open your eyes!

Eating healthy will improve the way you look, you will have more energy and will even improve your love life.

3- Poor people always blame others for their misfortunes

They never take responsibility for their failures, but are going to accuse their parents, or their city or their politicians and never themselves.

For readers who read me from third world countries I know that unfortunately their environment is really tough, but for people from developped countries there is no excuse to find.

If you failed it is your own fault take responsibility for it and man up! And try to succeed.

4- Poor people listen to toxic people

Don’t surround yourself with negative people who are always going to try to criticize whatever initiative you take.

For whatever reason instead of encouraging you to succeed they will do the contrary, and will explain to you that you will fail so why trying.

So do yourself a favor, if you have a good idea to succeed in life don’t tell them and stick to your plan.

Hard work and perseverance always pay in the end.

5- Poor people always have a B plan

When you decide to do something do it to the end. Don’t have an exit solution if your plan won’t work.

On the contrary stick to it do the best you can to make it work.

If you think like a looser from the beginning even before starting you will loose it is simple. Think positive and also work hard in the end you can only succeed.

So avoid all those 5 big mistakes and start a new life! It is never too late to succeed.

Dan Assuied

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The 5 main mistakes poor people always make. Here Charlie Chaplin eating his shoe.

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