Why You Should Go to the Mountains

I am going to tell you my secret, a secret not so secret.

Every time I have got the chance I escape to the mountains.

There is nothing better than that and I advise you to do the same thing everytime you can.

If you don’t feel good, or feel depressed or you have got the blues it will make you feel better.

She/He left you? You just lost your job? Another argument with your wife?

Go to the mountains or to a forest or to the sea shore.

It is the best solution for you!

Don’t take the easy solution, don’t open your fridge to compensate with those extra-calories, don’t open the bottle of whiskey either!

Go to the mountains!

The beauty of nature, its strenght, its size, will make you feel smaller, more humble, and you will relativize your problems.

To see only concrete and live in big and crowded cities leads us to feel depressed, exhausted mentally and physically and unhappy too.

After all we were not built for that.

By escaping to nature we gain our mental and physical strenght back, it allows us after that to come back with more energy to solve our problems.

If you escape to the mountains or forests, chances are that you won’t meet many people.

Most people nowadays all over the world live only crowded in big cities. So the rest of the planet is empty!

Look at the beauty of nature, look at the landscape, breath deeply, and thank G-d for your life.

When you have a problem don’t forget one thing : me too! And your neighbor too, and your baker too, even your preferred movie star has got problems.

When we have problems it seems that we are the only one, that everyone else is happy.


Everybody has problems from the Queen of England to the most humble worker in a factory in Shanghai, there is not a single human on Earth who hasn’t got problems.

Escaping for a day to the mountains will make you forget them, and you will find a solution to solve them.

To write that article made me tired, I am going to the mountains now…

Dan Assuied

Go to the mountains!

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8 thoughts on “Why You Should Go to the Mountains Leave a comment

  1. I love in Orlando and there aren’t mountains nearby so I have to go to the beach. But I have been to the mountains and they made everything better. The beach made everything better a few days ago! Thanks for this post 🤗🤗

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  2. That’s what I instinctively do ! Going to to the mountains every time I can, but it’s a little far, so when I have a problem, I like to take a walk in the woods where I know I won’t be disturbed. Thank you for the advice, now I know I am right !!

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