The Real Story of a Thief and Junkee who Became a Hero in Israel

Let me tell you the real story of a drug addict and thief who became a hero.

Motti Ashkenazi was a junkee from Tel Aviv, hooked on drugs, and to pay for his drugs he chose the not so noble profession of thief.

His speciality was to walk around the beach in Tel Aviv, Israel, and to steal the bags of the swimmers when they were busy swimming.

He was arrested many times by the police and had a criminal record, but every time he was released he continued….

One day, on June 20, 1997, he saw a very big group of thousands high school children going to the beach to celebrate the end of the school year.

Happy, he was already choosing amond the hundreds bags which one he is going to steal.

He spotted a bag, looked on his left, on his right, no police…and the children are too busy playing to notice…so he took the big bag, and walked away…

Happy he opened it, and saw, a clock, wires, it was a bomb that Arab terrorists had left here in order to assassinate as many Israelis as possible.

It would have been a massacre.

Our hero took the bag, walked with it, didn’t loose his cool, he put it down to an empty building, and immediately called the police.

The police came and succeeded in neutralizing the bomb before it blew up.

He saved the life of dozens of people, the beach was crowded.

The police called the incident an attempted terrorist attack and said Ashkenazi’s actions averted a serious disaster.

The explosives weighed several pounds and were packed with nails.

The police was so impressed by his courage they decided to clear his record and helped him complete a rehabilitation program to overcome his drug addiction.

After that, the city of Tel Aviv offered him a job, to catch the thiefs on the beach. He excelled at it because he knew all the tricks of the trade.

Today he is married with children, and lives a happy life. He said that he was praying G-d every day even when he was completely at the bottom.

He said he received a second chance.

So never loose hope! G-d is here to help people who call him from the heart.

Dan Assuied

A beach in Tel Aviv

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