Learn to Master Your Own Body

Learn to master your own body ! You must learn to control your own body, it will lead you to be more patient and mentally stronger.

And if you work out daily, you will also become more courageous.

==>> Read here to see my results of exercising daily

I do that. I also fast once a week and try not to eat too much. Too much food makes the body heavy and weak. And you will also think more slowly because your body will use too much energy to digest.

That energy spent to digest will not be used for other things.

Too much fat and sugar are a poison for the body.

You can control your own body by controlling your mind. You can learn to control your own body, day after day, exercise after exercise.

Everyday choose a different exercise. You can do push ups, pull ups, run, or train with a kettlebell or swim.

=>> Check here my article about Kettlebell training <<

The most important is to do what you prefer and to stick to your program.

The first days you will feel that you don’t make any progress, and you will be tempted to give up.

But slowly you will start to see results.

There is no quick way, it’s a long road for everybody. But it is worth it because in the end your body won’t be heavy anymore.

It will also influence your way of thinking.

Your attitude in life will be different because your body became different.

You will be thinner, your step will be more energetic, you will be more flexible and stronger.

And you will feel happier, proud that you reached your goal.

Learn to control your body.

Learn to control your mind.

Love life.

Dan Assuied

Master your own body, control your mind

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