This is How Most People Live their Life

We are all curious and we all would like to know how other people live…How most people on Earth live their life. Well you are going to be disappointed.

Most don’t live their life like they should.

I know it is a bit disturbing to know that but this is the plain truth.

This is how our most precious treasure, our years in that world, is spent:

Childhood and youth Age 0 to 20.

Those are the happiest years for most people. Childhood and teenage years. Those years are excellent and are generally spent playing, laughing, learning and enjoying life.

Sport is an important part of that period too. The only small problems are the homeworks from school to take at home and for most adults a strong nostalgy remains. We all miss those years later on.

Adult life: from 20 to 65

Life is beautiful seems a thing of the past during those years. Everything has to be built from scratch.

Studies, career, marriage, children, mortgage all the time problems. Which kind of studies to choose, what sort of job to find. “Love” to find to get married for people who want children.

And slavery is starting : debts to pay for the car and the house, run to go here and do that. Work, work, work. If you are not independant you are working to make someone else richer….but for independant people smiling to read that stop smiling. Because you need to work more hours to remain independant.

Traffic jam, long hours, work, work, work. Complaints how life is not fair, and sooo hard.

Your only fun is spending your time watching football or series on TV, you don’t learn anything anymore and your only physical effort is to reach for the remote control. Also getting fatter every year….because you are WATCHING football, not playing football. Sport is a thing of the past….and those beers and pizzas didn’t help too….

Old age 65 to 80 and more

After those “great” years between 20 and 65, the age to retire arrived….that most people are looking forward to it.

And you would think that at least now is the time to enjoy life. No more work, slavery is over, a lot of free time to do new things and learn, visit museums, read etc….

In theory yes! In practice it is another story….those years are spent being tired, regretting the “good old days” who for most never existed except in their imagination….

Health problems are also starting to bother, and many wish they could be young again, some even spending money on cosmetic surgery and/ or looking for a younger lover who won’t stay long once the money disappeared anyway…

My diagnosis is not good. The solution? More joy in life is a good start. Read the Universal garden of Emuna, that amazing book will bring you more joy and optimism in your life and more spirituality.

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To workout regularly to be stronger, thinner and healthier will also greatly help. Very important to improve your mood also and to look better.

To join a gym is not necessary for that, you can do a bodyweight workout with push ups, pull ups or train with a Kettlebell.

>> CHECK HERE – I did 50 pull ups a day to look better and kick ass

Eat healthier, sit less and move more.

The most important is to remain optimistic, no matter what and not to waste your time.

Time is more important than money, money spent can always be earnt but lost time is lost forever.

Dan Assuied

Posted in: Motivation

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