Down With The Medias Or Why You Should Break Your TV

Medias brainwashing cause many people to have self confidence issues.

I have read on her blog an Asian lady explaining that in her native Korea many women were doing plastic surgery in order to have Caucasian eyes!

I have a friend working out 2 hours a day lifting only heavy weights in order to look like the models he sees in magazines.

I know high school girls starving themselves to look like the blonde actresses they see on TV.

I read an article about young people doing more and more plastic surgery to look good on social medias and get more likes.

I can continue giving more exemples of that madness and I know you too know many people who put their best bet on the way they look.

I have nothing against looking good.In fact I encourage everyone to do the best they can to look good and take care of themselves.

To be too fat and dirty slob is not pleasant and should be avoided at any price.


There is a limit! What about thinking with your brains! We are being manipulated by the medias.

They all want to force us to look the same, dress the same, think the same and behave the same.

And you know what? It works!

Because the majority of people on Earth are sheep. They don’t think!

Don’t be like them. First all the actors and models that you admire are on steroids, they are all lying by saying they are natural.

Second Asian people who want to look American prove that media brainwashing works!

What’s wrong looking Asian, or African or South American etc? Every people has its charm.

Accept you for what you are and learn to love yourself the way you look.

Be yourself and don’t try to be someone else.

You admire that actor because of the way he talks? Someone else wrote his sentences, he just learnt them by heart….

You want to be as muscled as he is? He doesn’t work, he is paid million dollars to work out in a gym every day to look good. He is taking steroids and HGH and has a personal trainer and a nutritionist and a private chef who is cooking his meals.

That actress you think she looks good? She is always going to the plastic surgeon and is taking drugs to stay thin and cut her appetite.

She also divorced many times and had many abortions and is taking anti anxiety drugs….are you sure you want to be her? She looks good outside but inside her life is a mess….

But she has 1 million followers on Twitter….

Be yourself, don’t try to look someone else, it won’t make you happy. The only way to be happy is to learn to be yourself and accept you the way you are.

You can get better and improve yourself, but first you must understand you are unique.

Don’t hide your friends who you are because of shyness or self confidence issues. Don’t try to behave like someone else that you are not only because you feel it is the only way for other people to accept you and love you.

Accept the way you are, behave naturally and don’t try to look or behave like someone else. Especially NOT someone famous! Their private life is most of the time emptiness and failures after failures.

Accept yourself physically and mentally.

It is the only way to be accepted and loved for who you really are. Without cheating.

Dan Assuied

Posted in: Motivation

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