An Efficient And Cool Push Ups Workout

Guys I have an excellent new push up work out for you. I do it when I don’t feel like doing my usual pull ups or when my time is limited.

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Push Ups are so efficient, that’s not for nothing that most of the armies in the world use them to turn their recruits into fighting shape. Boxers are also very big on push ups.

With push ups nearly all your upper body will work out, especially your chest and triceps muscles and shoulders too.

It is a good workout when not enough time to have a long workout, and efficient as well.

You only need 40 minutes of your time, and handle push ups easier on your wrists.

The routine is simple:

10 pushups every minute.

For 40 minutes.

In the end you will have a 400 push ups in 40 minutes.

Of course if it is too much for your level you can do less push ups, even if you do 200 it will be good and increase slowly.

Add some rope skipping for cardio and weight loss and a few sit ups.

The result? A natural and athletic body, strong and not bloated like with weights.

You will look like more like a boxer.

So no excuses like I don’t have time or don’t have a gym near my house. You can be in incredible shape with that simple push up work out.

Try it, you won’t regret it.

Dan Assuied

Even Popeye is doing push ups….

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