Don’t Worry Be Happy Or Why Worrying is Bad For You (part 2)

That post is the part 2 of the precedent post “Don’t Worry be happy” that you can read here.

In the precedent post we discussed about the damages that worry can do to your health.

Here we are going to see how to lessen your stress and worries in 7 steps and improve your health and psychological state of mind to try to reach the state of mind “Don’t worry be happy”.

The 7 Steps to Decrease Excessive Worries

1- Exercise daily

I know everyone is saying it. Work out more, stay fit, keep in shape etc…it almost became a religion for some! Going to the gym daily, with special food, many thoughts about the workouts, special clothes for it etc…

Don’t exagerate, working out too much is also bad, and neglecting every other aspects of your life to look good is not wise.

Nevertheless, you must work out regularly to fight against the stress. No need to work out to become like Rambo, but a daily workout will do wonder to decrease the stress.

You don’t even need to go to a gym, a simple bodyweight workout like the one I describe in my article here is also good.

The hormones produced during a workout are excellent to strenghten the immune system.

Working out will also improve your mood and reduce your stress. It will help you to sleep better, not to gain weight and even improve your appetite.

2- Drink less caffeine

Although caffeine is an excellent stimulant; I personally drink an extremely strong coffee every morning to wake up; an excessive amount of coffee will make you feel nervous and will cause you insomnia problems.

Not to mention the excessive weight that you will put on if you drink several cups of coffee with sugar in it.

So limit your amount of coffee. And by the way Coca Cola drinks have caffeine in it too so beware. Thirsty? Drink water.

3- Try to relax and laugh!

A good trick to relax, improve your mood and laugh is simply to watch a funny movie.

Funny films are a good way to kick out the blues, relax and forget your problems for 2 hours.

And to laugh is healthy. Did you know that laughing can even improve your health? Look at the statistics here from the journal of neuroscience.

4- Meditate

What meditation? Yes like you I thought meditation was something useless for nuts that you only see in Karate films.

But it is supposed to work, but only if you can concentrate and do it seriously. Unlike me.

With meditation you must sit in a quiet place, it can be in a room or better in front of a nice landscape, you must be alone and concentrate. On what?

That’s the difficult part, you mustn’t think about the past or the future at all, but must concentrate only about the present.

I can’t do it more than a few minutes, and generally speaking, I feel like beating up everyone after a few minutes doing that technique. I guess it is not for me.

But I read it works, I don’t know try it maybe you will be more lucky than me.

It is worth trying it because for people doing it properly, it will decrease stress hormones like cortisol and adrenaline.

5- Have a strong social network

People who are married or have a lot of friends live longer and are less prone to disease.

So it is good if you can join a social activity or group or a sport club.

Going to pray regularly with other people is also a social activity.

It is necessary sometimes to be alone to build yourself, or solve some problems, but too much loneliness is not good for your mood, and having nobody to talk to can increase stress and worries.

So try to socialize, and no I am not speaking about social networks, most people there are fake, only superficial and egocentrics who are looking for attention.

I speak about real people.

6- Pray daily

To pray daily and talk to the King of the Universe is a very good way to lessen your worries.

Who can solve your problems simple human beings who are one day in that world and the day after in the grave, or their Maker?

Praying daily will also lessen your worries, instead of keeping them in your heart and get ill, by speaking out to G-d you will feel better.

And if you deserve it because you don’t have too many sins G-d will solve all your problems, you will have no reason to worry anymore which is even better!

7- Find a therapist

If all the precedent steps didn’t help, and you are still extremely worried, stressed and depressed, then find a good therapist.

I emphasize, a good one, otherwise, not only a bad one will not help you, but he will even make things worse.

It is only the last step, do it only after having tried all the different steps mentioned above.

I believe that for most cases a therapist is not needed if the other techniques are seriously tried.

Before going to a therapist, read my article about the excellent therapist Victor Frankl.

Reading his book will certainly help you and you may skip the meeting with a therapist after reading it.

As you saw there are several ways to lessen and beat up your worries and stress. Try them and you will see an improvement,it is much better than taking anti-anxiety pills with theirt unhealthy side effects.

Dan Assuied

Don’t worry be happy the solution

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