Farewell, My Life

He came back home late, he was completely demoralized.

Crushed and desperate, he didn’t think he would go through that difficult period of his life.

He even told me that he wished he was 90, when he wasn’t even 50, which means everything about his state of mind.

From far, he looked still young and happy, but by looking closer, it was obvious he was breathless, broken and unable to continue the fight.

He had lost everything, his job, his marriage was in shambles, his lover just dumped him for a faceless guy, and even his old Suzuki was like a stubborn old lady, alive by miracle.

Opening a bottle of whiskey, he decided to drink his first glass of the day, but he just remembered it was only 8 a.m, a bit early for a first glass.

So he opened his laptop, and decided to read the blog that cheered him up so much last time when he was so down that he nearly turned his Glock 19 against himself: fieretlibre.com

After reading articles after articles, his mood really improved: “that’s a good motivation blog!” he thought.

After reading the article “Never up the fight“, he felt fired up and ready to kick ass and conquer the world; he put his bottle of whiskey back in the closet and decided to start to do push-ups and get a shave and look for a better job.

Thanks to that blog, life is starting again, and age is only a number.

Never give up the fight” he decided! Time to move on and win!

Dan Assuied

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