11 Steps to Become Poor

Too many blogs give you the “secret” to become a millionaire…if they had the “secret” they wouldn’t tell you about it.

Instead I am going to tell you how to become poor in only 11 steps.

Step 1 to become poor:

Study something useless. Be sure to choose a field with no possibility to find a job in that field.

Step 2 to become poor:

Be in debt to pay for those studies, but be sure that after those studies you will never work in that field by lack of proposition.

Step 3 to become poor:

If by chance after your studies you may find a job in that field do everything you can to fail in the job interview. (Arrive late, with Rock’n’roll clothes, not shaved, rude etc…).

Step 4 to become poor:

Be as much as possible on Facebook and other social networks. Your goal: to waste your time with your life and not to learn anything meaningful.

Step 5 to become poor:

No books, never read, never think about tomorrow.

Step 6 to become poor:

Stay as long as possible at your parents home. That way you will not need to find a job. No job, means no money, no experience on the job market, and an empty CV.

Step 7 to become poor:

Admire only people who didn’t succeed, and listen to their advise how to succeed in life.

Step 8 to become poor:

Buy useless things that you will never use, and get in debt for it.

Step 9 to become poor:

Never do any sport, no workout whatsoever. It will give you energy, your goal is to loose, to look tired, be tired, and not to look good.

Step 10 to become poor:

Every day think that you will start to look for a job tomorrow. Never do it immediately.

Step 11 to become poor:

Put all the blame of your failures on your family, society, country, president, politicians. And remember it is never your fault!

Dan Assuied

How to become poor in 11 steps the secret at last told to the world!

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  1. Haha! Love the ÔÇťopposite takeÔÇŁ on presenting wealth (or lack of it). You think out of the box …. so creatively unique! In order to get what you want, one should know what to do and what NOT to do. ­čśÇ­čĹĆԜǴŞĆ

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