How to become richer in 7 steps

There are many long articles who give too many details about how to become rich and even millionaire.

I tried to be shorter and tell you the main 7 steps without pretending it is easy and possible for everyone to become rich.

They all explain that if you follow their articles you will succeed and become rich, millionaire and successful.

It is not that easy, if it was those people themselves would be millionaires!

Nevertheless, here you have the most important points to help you to get richer!

1- Never depend on a single income

Try to have at least 2 sources of income. If you have a firm and you depend on only a single big customer you are in big trouble. And if you can have 2 different businesses it is even better. The more independant you are the better it is, more sources of incomes means that.

2- Stop wasting your time!

Don’t waste your time on TV, games, dumb stuff and Facebook etc… Life is short, and that time wasted for useless things will never come back, it is wasted forever. Open a business, create something, workout, but don’t waste your time. Successful people never waste their time in front of a TV, they are too busy creating and building.

3- Invest to create a second income

Figure out how to create a second source of revenue, invest to make more money. Save the percents you can of your earnings and invest them in something meaningful. Try to save at least 10 percent of your income.

4- Stop buying stuff that has no value

Don’t waste your cash on things which are not an investment. What is not an investment? Something that looses its value as soon as you buy it is not an investment. For exemple cars, clothes aren’t an investment. Houses are.

5- Don’t be in debts

If you can’t buy that new fridge cash, then don’t buy it, don’t get in debt to have it, same for that plasma TV etc… Because in the end the fridge will be more expensive because you will pay the interests. The poor pay interest, the rich earn interest.

6- Read, read and read

Knowledge is power, knowledge is in books. Self educate yourself! Books are deeper to learn something than a film or an internet article. Stop buy books or borrow them but read them! Don’t waste your time with love stories or thrillers. Read something to progress. Good biographies about great people, or books to learn new skills aren’t a waste of time. Unlike TV!

7- Stop eating junk food

Junk food will make you fatter, slower, you will feel sleepy all the time and even thinking will be slower! You will feel older than your age and you will not look and feel strong. You need good and real food to give you energy to survive and succeed.

I just gave you the 7 most important points according to me to become rich or at least richer.

Good luck to all of us!

Dan Assuied

How to be richer in 7 steps, he obviously read my article…

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6 thoughts on “How to become richer in 7 steps Leave a comment

  1. Dan! In my eyes, you’re more than a millionaire! You’ve got brilliant insights and your abundance …… well, that’s a whole new amazing level. Thanks for inspiring! 🌟🌟🌟🌟🌟

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  2. coucou très bons conseils que je vais suivre, mais il faut quand même se détendre de temps en temps en regardant la TV, cinéma spectacle ou repos… on ne peut pas être productif à chaque instant

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