Yes, You Can Be Stronger

So you think you train hard? You don’t get enough sleep? Your diet is getting tough? You work too much?

You have to deal with too many things in the same time?

If your mind constantly gravitates around those thoughts, you are not in the right mindset!

All those obstacles, difficulties, hardships are things that you must be willing to take on! Fight like a warrior!

That’s me training in Krav Maga

Don’t look at those obstacles as if they are giant walls that you can’t climb, instead see them like they are: you can climb them they aren’t so high! Your imagination makes them bigger than they are!

Obstacles are here to make you grow, to make you stronger, physically and mentally!

You want something? Work for it! Fight for it! Struggle and sweat and fail and do it again!

No, you are not changing the world by working out hard, but you are changing yourself into a better, stronger individual.

It is not about pushing weights, it is about pushing your personal boundaries, mentally and physically.

Nothing is better than to see that something that seemed impossible to do you finally did it!

So don’t give up, be willing to eat all those obstacles alive.

Dan Assuied

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6 thoughts on “Yes, You Can Be Stronger Leave a comment

  1. Just the right motivation I need!

    I am about to start getting physically active again after a couple of years of being “dormant”. I had to if I don’t want to get a one way ticket Diabetes Mellitus membership in out family. I better start early.

    However, prior to my present resolve, law school and work happened. So, I thought I had no time to juggle my time for reaching my lawyer dream, working, and getting physically fit.

    Recently, I thought I need to give it a try to see if I could make things work.

    I know I could. I want to. But I am just too scared to even start.

    However, your post gave me my needed boost. Thanks for the affirmation that anything you put your mind and heart into can be done.

    I know it’ll be difficult but it’s not impossible.

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  2. Tina you just made my day. A reaction like yours now to my article is exactly the reason Why I started to blog: to motivate people!
    Yes you can do it, look at me in the photo of the article, that’s me! And I am not 20 anymore. I do work, and have a blog, and many things to do. If I can do it, you can! And thank you for your wonderful comment!

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  3. Excellent article qui vous reboost et vous donne envie de continuer !
    Effectivement, lorsque l’on a beaucoup de choses à gérer en même temps, que l’on se forme et/ou que l’on entreprend et que l’on veut se dépasser pour arriver à son but, le mental (avoir un bon mindset), est nécessaire mais il ne faut surtout pas oublier aussi la forme physique.
    Merci pour ces encouragements et pour la motivation. Bisous Yola ❤

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