Good Judgment Comes From Experience

I wish I had the experience I have now when I was 20! Many mistakes would have been avoided, other choices would have been made.

Who never dreamt to have wisdom and knowledge and be young together?

Unfortunately life doesn’t work that way, you only gain experience by making mistakes, and failing, and getting wrong.

The problem is, when I was 20 I thought I knew it all, saw it all and was a Superman, and that old people, (for me someone over 30 was already old) knew nothing and we’re irrelevant because they belong to the past, to another area close to the dinosaurs – lol – I am exagerating a bit but you see what I mean.

So younger people, (and older too by the way), never hesitate to ask advise from someone who has experience of life, but choose someone who has learnt from his failures.

Because there is a type of old people, you think they have experience but they are as dumb as a 20 year old and why? They simply never learnt from their mistakes, and remained the same mentally, didn’t progress and didn’t progress and learn from their failures.

Instead they chose to accuse the whole world for their failures, instead of taking responsibility and to learn from their failures in order to progress and to grow.

You obviously will not learn anything from that type of people. Choose someone older who has a genuine interest to help you, who is wise, and who learnt from his mistakes and progressed.

Experience comes from poor judgment. And good judgment comes from experience. That’s the plain truth.

I hope I helped some of you, which is my goal by writing that blog, to help, support, motivate people from all over the world.

Have a wonderful day!

Dan Assuied

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