Follow Your Heart

It is the best advice I can give. Often people ask me what kind of job they should choose. Follow your heart!

We are more at work than at home, (unless you are working at home as I did once) so choose a job that you like or at least that you don’t dislike!

If you are miserable because you are in a job that you hate, it’s better to leave it, earn less and feel happier.

You must be able to smile and laugh sometimes at work, and if you never do, and look like a prisoner breaking stones in Folsom, then you made the wrong choice obviously!

So stop crying, you just need to change your job and follow your heart to know which one to choose.

You may earn less but be happier, and in the end it is what matters the most.

Dan Assuied

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  1. True
    Happiness has a way of
    enhancing the value of our

    With Big happiness and moderate Income, a man can have the most of life.

    It’s more about what our hearts find delight in.

    # thanks for sharing man, I
    learnt from it.

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