Slaves of the Net Get a Life!

This is what I see every day, everywhere, in every country I visit, in every places, coffee shops, restaurants, even cinemas!

People look like that. Zombies. Where are the human beings? Where?

People today, ex humans who became heartless zombies glued to their own electronic slavery.

Monsters everywhere, brainwashed. Eyes glued on the screen, hands only used to type. Zombies I am telling you!

I am born before all that shit. I had a normal childhood, we were playing in the streets yes playing with children not with an electronic shit!

Later as a teenager, when I was interested in a girl, I was telling her face to face! I wasn’t not telling her through a horrible screen, and maybe her photo on the screen is so photoshopped that you can only be disappointed in reality…

Men, wake up, you are all getting brainwashed! We were reading books! Real books to think! Not a short article! And now even articles make you too tired to read and to concentrate on it!

You realize you can’t read books anymore? Those iPhones are turning you into machines step by step.

people are filming the shit they eat, they don’ t even enjoy it they are too busy to film it! But I don’t care what you are eating! Everything will turn into shit anyway! Like your brains after too many hours of Facebook shit or twitter with all the nuts writing to me there!

A beautiful landscape, a beautiful bird singing, and what the slaves of the net are doing? Are they enjoying it? NO! They are too busy to film it or to take photos of it, like those stupid Japanese tourists travelling the world and filming every little shit!

Everyone became like them now.

Well almost everyone.

Because I am trying to resist, I am steal reading books, I try to think and to enjoy the good moments without filming it.

They are turning people into cold and heartless monsters who are only able to look at screens, type and buy useless things. And never think and never feel.

What a shitty world!

Dan Assuied

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6 thoughts on “Slaves of the Net Get a Life! Leave a comment

  1. Wow Dan,
    Seems to ring true. Have just temporarily deactivated my facebook account as I felt it was taking over, quite liberating.
    Thanks for sharing this post.

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  2. If you ask me, Dan, my opinion about taking a picture is not that bad, if it is done properly. If I see something and it impress me, I make a picture after that. I repeat, after that. The picture keeps all details, all colors. It could to relive all feelings of the moment when it was made. The human mind is treacherous thing. It has a habit to forget.
    In addition, when I meet with other people, the picture eliminate any danger for bad explanation or misunderstanding. To send a picture to someone who is not with me, this is not bad as well. This person shall have the chance to see what I have just seen. And, maybe, to have a wish to see it with their own eyes.
    I want to underline especially and very strong one fact – I don’t mean doing a videotape during an event (a concert, for example). This is real loss of joy, in my opinion.

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  3. I agree a beautiful moment is spoilt by filming it instead of enjoying it fully. As for the beautiful pictures you are right, but people who are even filming food or anything in fact dont realize that people don’t care.


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