Where Are the Hearts?

And when the human hearts turned into machines….We are in 2050, after several atomic wars, two third of humanity perished.

The last third is eating synthetic meat, love doesn’t exist anymore, no solidarity either. The new world government decides what is important and what is not.

Only to buy and work and be a consumer is important. Books, religions and human feelings are not relevant anymore, only to buy and to work are the main values.

Retirement age was cancelled, people too old too work will not eat that’s what was decided, only the productive are needed.

Love died when humans spent all their free time with their phones and could change partners as easily as they can choose a new ketchup brand at their local supermarket.

Week ends were abolished. The week work was 7 days a week, and people thanks to the brainwashing from the medias were convinced it was better that way.

People who wanted week ends were heavily fined, labelled as too lazy.

Real food was for the rich only, the others could only afford synthetic meat, synthetic vegetables etc, but the poors were provided free vitamins by the new world government so they could keep working hard.

Dan Assuied

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