How to be Rich

Blogs, medias, TV, newspapers, magazines, they all promise you that you will be rich if you follow their advise.

I have got bad news for you: you will not!

They are all full of sh….

Only a minority of people get rich, it is the same thing everywhere no matter where.

And if you pay attention, those people are all trying to sell you their method to be rich.

How do you think they want to be rich? By selling you their book, or DVDs or ebook….about how to become rich. That’s how they will become rich, but not you!

I never lied to you on my blog, and I wrote several articles about how to be RICHER, but never about how to be rich.

And if you want a good advise about how to be rich you won’t find it. The very rich don’t share their secrets.

And in the end, luck too plays a big part when you open a business, but that they won’t tell you either.

They prefer to say they built themselves…G-d decides who is rich in the end, even if we have to do our best.

I didn’t write this article to discourage you. I just saw too many blogs full of exag√©ration, Who explain that by doing exactly like mister A or B you will be in your Villa in Miami in no time.

So wake up to reality, and don’t buy their stupid ebooks.

Dan Assuied

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  1. What is to be rich? It depends of expectations about life. If they are not plausible or change with every achieved goal ,a person should never feel rich enough.
    That’s why the advertisements throw baits like ” If you have not money to go on vacation in Hawaii, you could borrow a loan from **** “. Why should I go to this place? Only because it is claimed for a ( would-be ) symbol of desirable lifestyle?

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