She Left You, Be Happy!

Many guys asked me some advise, because their girlfriend left them, so what are they supposed to do now after that break up.

Burn her photos

They are lost and don’t know what to do. Some ask me if they should fight to get her back and run after her with flowers.

I say no!

Let her go!

Most of the time if she left you it means she found someone else, even though she will never tell you in order not to look like the bitch she is.

It also means she never loved you to start with.

Everything was only a show, till she finds someone “better”.

So stop crying like a little bitch. You want to cry for a heartless snake who had no feelings for you? Are you crazy?

She never loved you, only used you.

Be Happy because you just get rid of a woman who never loved you anyway! How do I know that? Because otherwise she simply would have never left you.

Girls when they love, love much more deeply than men, and are ready even to suffer for that man. I know women so much in love that they don’t leave the guy, even if he is married or broke or ill or fat etc…

So I just told you good news! She didn’t love you, women are good at playing comedy, but with experience you will feel it with the next one. Hopefully for you…

Swallow the truth like a man, drink some whiskey to cool off and get a new life, she left you, you are free now and just get rid of a nagging machine.

Of course, if you behaved like a psychopath and were violent, insulting her and/or humiliating her, then she was right to leave.

Now what to do with you EX?

Block her!

Simple forget her, block her from every social medias, throw away her phone, destroy and burn all her photos, burn her presents. You will feel better!

And also that way she won’t be able to contact you again, when it is over with the new guy…

I know many people find me hard to give that advise, but I just remind you that she left you, so it means she didn’t love you….

So why keeping in touch and not blocking a snake who jus stabbed you in the back?

And forget to buy presents to get her back, you can’t buy love with presents, so don’t be dumb, unless you are a masochist who love to suffer.

So guys, block her, burn her photos, and be happy, you just get rid of someone who didn’t love you.

And enjoy your new life!

Dan Assuied

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13 thoughts on “She Left You, Be Happy! Leave a comment

  1. “So guys, block her, burn her photos, and be happy, you just get rid of someone who didn’t love you.
    And enjoy your new life!”

    Pretty sound advice, I should say. Regardless of make or female exes, I believe none of us should ever even beg for love. WE ARE ALL VALUABLE JUST EXACTLY AS WE ARE. So those who truly deserve our love should also love us for who we are ….. not who they fantasize us to be. LOVE IS FREEDOM TO BE OURSELVES.

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  2. YES.

    I get so annoyed with people who just can’t take the hint! He’s an asshole, she’s a bitch, just cut them off from your life.

    This post is brilliant 🙂


  3. Self respect IS very important. I’ve learned that by getting cheated on by a shithead AND I went back to him.

    So, yeah, I totally can relate to your post and your comment 🙂

    Liked by 1 person

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