The Wimp: How to Recognize Him in 10 signs

Are you a wimp? Wimps seem to be more and more widespread with that new area of cheap technology. I wrote a list of the 10 main characteristics of the wimp, if you have several of those characteristics bad news for you: you are a wimp.

1- A wimp will apologise all the time.

His preferred words are sorry, I am sorry, I apologise etc….even when he didn’t do anything wrong he will apologise. In fact he will even apologise if he was wronged. Very annoying….

2- A wimp will look for a girlfriend who will give him orders.

The wimp is so insecure, that he feels the need to be bossed around. If he found a girlfriend, you can be sure she will tell him off all day and he will shut up, happy to suffer in silence.

3- A wimp is unable to say NO

He can’t. In his will to please everyone he can’t refuse anything even if he wants to. He will find excuses, but in the end will break and do what ordered to do, no matter who told you. His friends, co-workers, boss and even his own family will take advantage of that.

4- A wimp is proud to be a wimp

For him to be bossed around by his girlfriend is his pride. For him, he is modern, to be told off and persecuted all the time by his girlfriend means he is a modern man, sophisticated and open. He is exactly like the women magazines that he reads want men to be: CASTRATED, like him….

5- A wimp is exploited all the time

Because he is unable to say no, people around him exploit that weakness to their own advantage. He will be unable to refuse.(Read number 3).

6- A wimp always complains

For the wimp it is always too hot or too cold, when he fails it is never his fault, but other people fault or society fault etc…he will never take responsibility for his own failures.

7- The wimp is always about to die

A sore throat on winter? In his imagination he has cancer, that’s it he is gonna die, and he is rushing to the doctor scared to death that his end is a question of hours. Of course the wimp lives longer than everyone in the end…

8- The wimp hates masculine men

The wimp hates men who are his contrary. He hates macho men, alpha men who have success with women and are self confident. It reminds him of his own weaknesses and he can’t bear that.

9- The wimp is always the best friend of women

Those women feel he is one of them: he loves the same films, reads the same books, he won’t try to bed one of them, he prefers pastries and salads to meat and he is ready to help all the time.

10- The wimp hates physical efforts

Most of the time his only physical effort will be to carry the shopping bags of his best friend so she can chat with a real man. He will look too thin or too fat, but always perfectly clean, shaved and elegant.

You know a wimp? You recognize yourself in that article? No surprising medias and social medias are trying to turn all men into that pitiful and disgusting specy, especially in the US.

Girls kick him out of your lives unless you need a pet. And guys start to eat steaks, to lift weights and to be less on brainwashing tv and social rotten medias. Read real books for men instead.

Dan Assuied

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