The Secret of Happiness

Everyone wants to be happy but it is not so complicated.

Be Happy with what you have.

How many steaks can you eat in a single day? In how many houses can you live in the same time?

Someone lonely in a villa will not suffer as much as someone lonely in a 2 rooms apartment?

Someone valued by the opposite sex only for his money won’t feel as lonely as someone alone?

Look at your watch. If it is a Rolex or a simple 10 dollars watch it still gives the same time.

Do you think that expensive car will make you happy? You will be happy for a few days then get used to it.

Don’t listen to the ads. Their job is to sell you dreams. They must convince you that without that car or house or anything else you can’t be happy.

It is not true, you won’t be happier because you will quickly get used to it.

Material property is useful but won’t bring you happiness.

Look at all the rich and famous who have everything, villas, expensive cars, private planes and they fell miserable behind their fake smiles.

Most are alcoholics, on drugs, divorced many times, are on pills.

Many commit suicide.

If material possessions would bring happiness they wouldn’t live such miserable private lives.

Be Happy with your lot, you have food in your plate, a roof on your head and clothes you can thank God for that.

If you have a rich spiritual life and people who love you and health then it is more important than all the material possessions in the world.

Dan Assuied

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  1. True. Money can contribute to comfort but not to happiness. But the idea of happiness as comfort has been sold to us for decades. Hence money = happiness. But happiness is a discipline of the mind, of the body and of building a life that one wants. Great post and smart questions! Thank you

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  2. I am happy I contributed a little to open your eyes. We are being lied to, because they want to sell their products. Our grandfather’s had much less but were happier. Thank you for reading me.

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  3. My eyes have been open to this and i blogged about it. Your post is an echo and i am happy that more and more people are questioning those lies. Thank you for delivering always smart content! It is a pleasure to me reading you ❤


  4. “Be happy what you have”. I have read this sentence somewhere in my past. It was more complicated but has the same meaning – “If you don’t have what you want, then you would want what you have”. Sometimes, this could be the key for happiness, couldn’t it? Not to be in constant pursuit for more and more but to enjoy the achieved it is.

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  5. To be in constant puirsuit for more will lead to frustration. Because one never gets everything he wants. That’s why to be happy with what you have is the best solution.


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